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Hello, Iā€™m Evelyn.
Welcome to our Dogs & Pets blog!

Here I am with my dog Sasha enjoying a great day of walks in the mountains near our home.

Evelyn Brooks

Sasha and Me

This is the story of how my dog, Sasha, changed my life. It was a rainy Thursday when I first met Sasha. She was a scruffy, timid little thing, with eyes that held a world of stories. I remember how she cautiously approached me, her tail hesitantly wagging.

Sasha and I quickly became inseparable. She was there during my lowest moments, her comforting presence a constant in the chaos of life. We’ve shared countless adventures, from lazy afternoons in the park to exciting hikes in the mountains. Through her, I learned the power of unconditional love and the magic of a wagging tail.

Sasha is more than just a pet; she is my confidant, my adventure partner, and my source of joy. With her, I’ve discovered the incredible bond humans can have with their four-legged friends. She’s taught me patience, resilience, and the importance of living in the moment.

Together, we’ve navigated life’s challenges, her loyalty never wavering. Sasha’s story is one of hope, healing, and happiness – a testament to the profound impact dogs can have on our lives. This blog, Dog’s Pie, is dedicated to sharing our journey and the countless ways our furry friends enrich our world.